Our Work

REACLIMA provides design and installation services for the HVAC industry. Our focus is on commercial and industrial applications. We distribute equipment from internationally recognized brands, and we have a specialized staff of engineers and technicians committed to delivering integral solutions, functional, energy efficiency, and cost and time savings.
Our administrative staff works with efficiency and responsibility to guarantee our company's success and fulfill the commitment acquired with our clients.
  • Engineering construction & design
- HVAC systems - Consultancy
  • Installation – HVAC systems, duct systems
  • Manufacturing – Duct HVAC system
  • Supplying – Trane, Armstrong, Bell & Gossett, Liebert, Greenheck, Seeley, Breezair, S & P
- Authorized distributor of Trane.
- Authorized distributor of Seeley.
  • Project administration
Reaclima is aware of the environmental situation and has LEED-certified personnel because of this.